Its unique taste has been rated by consumers as Flavor of the Year 2024

The Lobello de Caparrós Cherry Pear tomato has managed to win the Flavour of the Year 2024 seal for another year, and it is now six consecutive years, thus confirming the effort and commitment that the Almeria-based company Caparrós is carrying out to position this tomato as a flavour benchmark among Spanish consumers.

The methodology used by Sabor del Año means that a panel of 100 regular Spanish consumers of the tomato category tastes and evaluates different aspects of the product such as texture, aroma, flavour, general impression, among many others, scoring in each section and providing their anonymous indications about the product.

For this reason, for Caparrós this recognition has a double value: because it is awarded by the most demanding consumers and because maintaining this seal for six consecutive years before them, reinforces our clear commitment to taste and quality in the year in which we celebrate our 40th anniversary.

Lobello: the tomato with the most flavour for Spanish consumers

A plum cherry tomato that has brix degrees that make them unique on the palate. However, it has other peculiarities that make it unique to be able to achieve recognition for six years in a row.

Every bite is a pleasant, sweet and very tasty experience. Lobello has a perfect balance of sweetness and acidity, a soft and fine fleshiness and a penetrating aroma, which together with the intensity of the taste it leaves in the mouth are some of the reasons why it becomes a product with a special flavor year after year.

As is known, the former national coach and world champion Vicente Del Bosque is its sponsor, a fact that reinforces the values of Caparrós in its commitment to health, sport (Caparrós is also a sponsor of the Royal National Handball Federation) and the social and solidarity commitment valued through the Pedro Caparrós Foundation.

Finally, remember that Lobello has the Superior Taste Award, in its highest rating (3 gold stars) granted by the International Taste Institute, world leader in terms of evaluation and professional certification carried out by chefs, sommeliers and experts throughout Europe and is endorsed by the Spanish Heart Foundation in its Food and Health program.