LOBELLO: Taste in capital letters

A cherry tomato between 11 and 12 degrees brix is lucky for the palate. However, that's just the tip of lobello's flavor iceberg. Every bite is a pleasant, sweet and tasty experience. Its perfect balance of sweetness and acidity, its soft and fine fleshiness, its penetrating aroma and the intensity of taste it leaves in the mouth when chewing it make it a special product.

What's Lobello's secret?

The secret is born within the farms of Caparrós, a company that exclusively sells this unique cherry pear tomato. Everything is taken care of; from the seed to its presence at the points of sale. The secret is the work of many people to achieve The taste of excellence in lobello tomato, which adds to the experience and legacy of the company that has brought us the knowledge in order to find the perfect seed.

Flavour of the Year

The Taste of the Year award is awarded every year by consumers to the best products of each range marketed in Spanish territory.

The event is held at Consumolab, the Fulsense Study Center, ALS Aquimisa on food consumption preferences. The tests are carried out in the format of a blind tasting, without knowing the mark.

Lobello has been Flavor of the Year in the cherry tomato category in 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022, 2023 and 2024.

Superior Taste Award

The International Taste Institute (formerly iTQi) is the world leader in professional food and beverage assessment and certification.

Therefore, having received the Superior Taste Award, the award received by the products with the highest rating obtained (3 stars), is a declaration of value about the qualities appreciated by chefs, sommeliers and tasting experts from all over Europe in lobello pear cherry tomato.


The ideal snak

Do you spend a lot of time between food and food? With today's life rhythms, eating a healthy, balanced diet can sometimes be tricky. Therefore, always carrying a Lobello pack will make you opt for a healthy and delicious option when you want to kill the gusanillo. He's so good, he eats himself.
Lobello is also the natural ally of the Gourmets and the Kitchenettes, since its shape and flavor admits endless different preparations and preparations.