Vicente del Bosque


July 11, 2010 was a day that was recorded in the memory of many Spanish people. That day, the national football team defeated Holland to lift, for the first time in its history, the World Cup of football. Vicente del Bosque, the man who led Spain to excellence in the sport most often in the world, is the ambassador of the Lobello tomato for everyone.

The collaboration between Caparrós, our company, and the only Spanish champion coach in the world, is born on a relationship based on both sporting and business values, as well as personal values.

Like Vicente del Bosque, we have a serious purpose of improving the lives of society and our employees.

Some of the actions we take lead us to work with UNICEF or the Red Cross to combat child poverty or the employment of people at risk of social exclusion.

In turn, AENOR recognizes our efforts to improve the health of our workers with the distinctive Healthy Company.

Caparrós stands out for its ability to lead from a social and inclusive perspective, an aspect in which we feel very identified with Vicente del Bosque. The human approach is what connects us to our roots, but always determined to give the maximum of us to bring the best products to our society, as is the case of the Tomato Lobello. That is why we are so proud to have Vicente del Bosque, a person who has been able to transfer the best behaviors of sport to a lifetime, respect, education, good behavior, generosity and social commitment.