Consumers gave again the highest score to Caparrós’ cherry pear.

Lobello’s cherry pear tomato has been Flavour of the Year in 2021, a recognition that also got in 2019 and 2020. Receiving this prize for three consecutive years isn’t an easy or a common thing, it means the maximum recognition that a panel of consumers gives to an exclusive product selection –without knowing the product or brand- organized by Consumolab, the preferred consumption study centre of Ainia investigation centre.

To comprehend this award’s importance, it’s important to make public the reasons that explains why Lobello is Flavour of the Year 2021.


The first characteristic evaluated by consumers are gustatory features of the product. People that participate in the experiment evaluate the products’ flavour facing its competency, rating Lobello’s tomato in the highest place facing other similar products. Its high brix degrees concentration and its perfect balance between sweetness and acidity is the reason why it maintains on this competition’s podium since 2019.


This product’s appearance, its shape, size and features is the second characteristic to examine in this test. Without any doubt, Lobello’s cherry pear, oval shaped and intense red colored, has gotten into Consumolab’s investigation participant’s eyes.


Lobello’s tomato scent is one of the biggest charms of this product cultivated in Almería province hothouses. With a smell that recalls past tomatoes, Lobello is a reference in fruits and vegetables of Almería’s area and national level.


Lobello’s skin softness is the perfect complement for its flavour and scent. Consumers have evaluated Lobello’s texture beyond the rest, fine but resistant skin, because it has a long useful life up to a month since it’s collected.

General Satisfaction

The last feature that cosumers valued is the general satisfaction with the tested product, praising all the previous characteristics to send out a final opinion over the product. To obtain Sabor del Año prize, a product has to be the first in its category and have obtained a global evaluation of at least 6 points over 10.

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